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Some lovely Insect ARt from Squirrel Class


To investigate the effects of coca-cola, water, milk, apple and orange juice on teeth, children in  Squirrel Class soaked eggs in the liquids.  

"We found out that the eggs in milk and water were the same as before. The egg shell in the coke hasn't decayed the most but has gone dark brown.  The egg in the orange juice has decayed the most. The egg in the apple juice has started to decay and the first layer peeled off. I also found out that the egg shell is the same as the enamel in our teeth.  The egg in the orange juice has little frothy bumps and changed from a light brown to a light sort of white. I was really shocked because I thought the cole would be the worst."



To complement their study of the Stone Age, children in  Squirrel Class went to Ryton Pools in Coventry to experience a small taste of life as it was then.

The children were split into groups:

  • Terrific Toads led by Mrs Wilcox
  • Crazy Crickets led by Mrs Twyman
  • Groovy Grasshoppers led by Miss Mansell and
  • Wicked Woodpeckers led By Mrs Price


Eve, ‘My favourite part was building shelters’

Kate, ‘My favourite thing about Ryton Pools was gathering berries to mash up as paint’

Grace, ‘Ryton Pools was so good and fun. Ben showed us around and I loved it!’

Rico, ‘I enjoyed the shelters and making a paint brush.  I learned in Ryton Pools that they covered their shelter in animal skin’

Flynn, ‘They have excellent guides and fun activities!’

Rachel, ‘I loved the den building, I wish I could do it again’

Florence, ‘I really enjoyed building our dens in Ryton Pools’

Mrs Twyman, ‘What a treat!  Ryton Pools Stone Age day was the best school trip EVER!  The children learned lots, worked brilliantly in teams and represented the school superbly!’