Wilmcote CofE (Voluntary Aided) Primary School, Church Road, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 9XD, UK



Wilmcote CofE (Voluntary Aided) Primary School

Welcome to our school

At Home Activities


Whilst the school is closed due to the Coronavirus, children have been taking part in a wide range of home learning activities, games, art, science, maths and creativity ..

Helping out at the Hedgehog Hospital, bike riding, birthday celebrations, campfire cooking, den building, feeding the swans, walking the dog, working in the garden, at the farm ... 



Taking a Zoom meeting whilst on Horseback!


Plastic Pollution Project Work



Congratulations to Libby for receiving her long awaited Stratford Thunderbirds Netball Kit!



Writing a brilliant Explanation Text on how to ride a Hoverboard ..



A beautiful poem from ZCH in Squirrel class



A space-themed poster for the school time capsule with the planets made out of coffee filters, colouring pens and water, before stuck to the background poster. 




My Moth Midge by Rachel

A Wonderful Nature Study PowerPoint


Fantastic work on the Geography Local Area Study even building a new town at home!


Papiermache art & craft

Baking, learning about money and counting, observational drawing and dressing as the Queen!


Baking, mummifying an orange, watching a meteor shower with Larry the Lamb and a times table Treasure Hunt!

Art Projects, Eqyptian Gods and Ramadan Bunting ..

Showing support for VE Day ...



Studying the Egyptians, making a mummy and King tut's mask, nature study, money, literacy ...

To commemorate VE Day ... A Soldier in the Trenches



Designing a Crown and making a Family Tree for this week's Lockdown Learning..

After the Parkrun ...

Getting ready for VE Day ..

More Parkrun fun ...

3K Parkrun Challenge


Creating a 'Coat of Arms' to complement study of Shakespeare..



VE Day Poster and Bunting ...



Today we made a sign for the Village Shop ...



Lockdown Art ..



Layering Stencils and Chalk for a Banksy recreation



As part of studying the Egyptians ... making a Mummy!

Rainbow Art & Nature Sculpture

In the style of Banksy...

Nature Sculptures ..


As part of Art Lockdown Learning ... recreating Banksy!

Working on her time capsule (see attached description and drawings), making superhero masks (Sleepy Star, Clue the Owl, Brainy Janey and Super Strongman) for family members and acting out a game she planned out for us all with them.  PE and cheerleading jumps and stunts, running, planting seeds for a new vegetable garden and we have seen the reward of them germinating! She's helped dig and plant some fruit trees, berry bushes and flowers. We've been very, very busy outside in the beautiful weather! She has done maths: doubling, 2 times table and 5 times tables, and practicing telling time: half-past. She has been reading a series of books, The Princess in Black, and has done some phase 5 and 6 phonics games on the tablet. 


Making Easter cards with a Haiku poem (composed whilst on a spring cycle ride). These were distributed around the village by volunteers, who do shopping for shielding, elderly people. They were delivered in the run up to Easter, for a bit of cheer and as part of a personal challenge for her silver Chief Scout award. Two were also made for her own grandparents. 


Time capsule design ..


Preparing the time capsule..


Making a birdbox...


Observing social distancing ... and chatting about PSHE and Habitat Schoolwork!


Researching our Time Capsule


Hard at work..


Lessons at home researching for our School Time Capsule


On 20 April, Sing Up are launching a fresh new Sing Up at Home area on our site. This space will be totally free and accessible to parents and families so that you can link directly to www.singup.org/singupathome.  They will be uploading fresh videos and resources for you and your family to make the most of singing whilst at home. 


A marble run at school ..


Playing catch balancing pants on heads, 1st to 10 was the winner!



Who needs schools when you can attend “Calypso Class” in a caravan in the garden, with your brother, in full uniform! 

I did PE on Fridays and Tuesdays.  It was really fun..... And I painted planets.  My favourite planet is Saturn because it has a ring and I like rings.
I baked gingerbread and they were really tasty.
And I did a weather report.  I did it on Britain.  And Spain and Montreal.
I did a puppet show about Rama and Sita.
I found a deer track in my garden.  And we were learning about trees.  My favourite tree is silver birch and there was 9 in my garden.  There used to be 10.  It was cut down.I read some questions to my brother
On Tuesday PE I had to put toys into a basket with my feet.
On my phonics and workbook I drawed a koala.  And I wrote my name and my book is nearly finished.   Phew!


Baking, cooking breakfast, den building and folding paper aeroplanes .. 



Gardening ..



C is for Change ... or should that be cooking? Yum!


B is for Basketball ... which turned into a water fight and writing practice!



Creating a biome in 7 days ...


Tie-dying and helping nature by making a bird feeder ...



A is for Athletics...



Baking, gardening, painting and making bird feeders with Miss McKelvie 



Family fun with maths, Cosmic Kids Yoga, PE with Joe Wicks, letter writing and Rainbow colouring...



Having fun reading, taking part in Treasure hunts, doing tally charts with things we found, morning exercise, netball and football, learning about different countries, typing and learning how to email, washing the car (water fights), experiments (guessing which objects will float and recording our findings) .. and doing lots of work from the school folders! 



Working hard on baking, sewing, maths, English, painting, sewing, Greek history and afternoon dog walks and adventure!